Thursday, September 19, 2013


our new site can be found at
come see what we're up to if you like.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


there were a few tours happened recently
pairing TGIC split partners
Sets from each band were recorded in STL at Cranky Yellow
Big thank you to Doc and Cole for filling in for Canyons

Canyons @ Cranky Yellow from on Vimeo.

and there are new unrecorded Tigon jams here.

Tigon @ Cranky Yellow (live in St. Louis) from on Vimeo.

Shortly after the CHNN TOUR
I found myself tagging along with
Wolfmouth and Illustrations
A tour recap of our adventures was made .. check it out.

The Reptilian toured with Cloud Mouth and played Kalamazoo


thats right.
you can now order more than one thing from TGIC
Soon we will have more releases and witty T shirts
but for now catch up on what we do have

Monday, April 18, 2011

Illustrations / Wolfmouth

Excited to Announce.
Illustrations (San Antonio, TX) and our boys in Wolfmouth (Columbia, MO)
are recording soon for a one sided 12"
gonna be a banger.
Each will come with digital download cards and
Illustrations, Wolfmouth, and The Ghost is Clear stickers included.
4 new songs from each outfit makes for an exciting kick off to our summer over here.

get acquainted with Illustrations
also they are having a wicked sale at the moment
Cruise over to and help clean them out to make
way for new merch.

put your ear to Wolfmouth also
get the "searching for purpose" ep free

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We'd love to thank everyone involved for how Beautifully this has turned out.
Bands / Labels use GOTTA GROOVE to press your vinyl! Hands down the best in the business.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Can't Have Nothin' Nice

Are showing off with the Flossin' 3 way split 12" Can't Have Nothin' Nice
Preorders Very Soon as LP's are set to be released November 30th

Monday, April 12, 2010


Download Canyons 10 song Rufus Collection Free!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Foreign Theaters FREE EP
Get it.
Reviewers get at me.
TGIC releases need reviewed

Monday, January 25, 2010


The Ghost is Clear Records

To earn your respect / reward your good taste almost all of our Releases
are available as a free download at
TGIC001 Canyons "the Rufus EP"
TGIC002 Doubt "Demonstrations"
TGIC003 the Mary Janet in Music vol. 1
TGIC004 Foreign Theaters "Annals"
TGIC005 Illustrations - "S/T" TGIC006 Canyons "Rufus Collection"
TGIC007 Dead Heroes "Love is a Dog from Hell"
Tell a Friend.

Free Download The Mary Janet in Music Vol.1

everything came out terrific
head over to the bandcamp site
and get it. be sure and tell all your friends on Facebook
that this is whats up.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Bleeding Kansas - Lucky 03:57
2. Canyons - Nate Jameson 04:00
3. Doubt - Quick Mouth 02:01
4. Hammers - Snow 03:14
5. Foreign Theaters - Cycles 01:54
6. The Pick Up - The Amazing Hoax 03:01
7. Recession - Manifest Destiny 02:08
8. Illustrations - Violence 03:36
9. Lord Green - Higher Than God 04:45
10. Prize Country - I Could Be A Knife 03:52
11. Ghost Town Electric - Atomic Temple 03:25
12. Across Tundras - Weary Travellers Rest (Exclusive Demo Version) 05:01
13. Hercules - If you've got the Stash we've got the Ca$h 02:22
14. Isolation - Brazen Bull 04:26
15. Creeper - Brannigan 02:04
16. Cower - Here Comes the Sunn 02:39
17. Jument - Branches Above 03:10
18. Cloud Mouth - Flex Yr Head (Live @ WHPK) 02:59
19. The Farley Overdose - Buzzard Gut 03:06
20. Bone Dance - Nom De Guerre 02:15
21. Benoit - Alone I Dream 02:07
22. Fight Pretty - Nightwalkers 03:23
23. Altered State - Guillotine Proof 06:10
24. Badmouth - Nostrildamus 01:16
25. The Burden - Swastika 02:33
26. Dead Heroes - Heartache 03:57
27. CTL - Forever 02:08
28. Burn Idols - Mindfuck 01:25
29. Girls of Porn - Bong Rips / Big Tits 06:44
30. Casting Curses - Hey Disbeliever 03:08
31. Anxiety Attack - Planet Piss 02:16
32. The Love Below - Serious Delerium 01:07
33. Tragic Ends - Broken Fingers 01:10
34. Capsize - Nothing Changes 04:30
35. No Discretion - Cold World 01:43

Crank the shit loud. and Pass that shit!


Big Thank you to all the bands and Ben Sears for the art.

happy 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Mary Janet in Music Compilation

Support DIY bands from all over
this is

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Mary Janet in music compilation

Confirmed Bands:
Bleeding Kansas (Burbank, CA)
Prize Country (Portland, OR)
Cloud Mouth (Chicago, IL)
Hammers (Mamucium, UK)
The Pick Up (Medford, NJ)

Casting Curses (Upstate, NY)
Canyons (Marshall, MO)
the Farley Overdose (Reno, NV)
Dead Heroes (Alabama)
Bone Dance (Boise, ID)

Lord Green (Quad Cities, IL)
Doubt (Warrensburg, MO)
CTL (Long Beach, CA)
Isolation (Boston, MA)
Anxiety Attack (Tehachapi, CA)

Creeper (Toronto, ON)

Tragic Ends (East Bay, CA)
The Burden (Houston, TX)
Recession (Lincoln, NE)
Foriegn Theaters (Marshall, MO)
Jument (Boise, ID)
Illustrations (San Antonio, TX)
No Discretion (Altoona, PA)
Fight Pretty (Houston, TX)
Cower (Portland, OR)
the Love Below (SoCal)
Badmouth (West Covina, CA)
Burn Idols (Long Beach, CA)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Preview "the Rufus EP"

Tell everyone to get this
Be ready before Rufus 2 drops